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 Mathematics (Mathematical Finance)

Campus Program Degree School Non-degree available Program Information Deadlines Semester
U.S. Non-U.S. Merit-Based Aid
New Brunswick Mathematical Finance 71 83
MS The School of Graduate Studies Yes

Program Requirements
Personal statement, official transcripts, resume, and three letters of recommendation, supplementary form (from program website), and prerequisite course description document (for international applicants, from program website)

Test Requirements
MS: The GRE General test is preferred for MS applicants.

Personal Statement Instructions
Please answer the following in your personal statement.

1. Please explain why you wish to pursue our degree program.
Please be specific and do not include a generic personal essay.

2. Please explain how our degree would further your career goals. Please be specific and do not include a generic personal essay.

3. Please explain any unusual aspects of your educational background (for example, more than four years needed to complete undergraduate degree, low grades, more than one prior master's degree, etc.).
- - - Spring
- - Summer
4/15 2/15 Fall
83. Nondegree: Official transcripts, personal statement, and resume are required.

71. Degree and Nondegree: 1) Visit to complete the program's Supplementary Form. 2) If your undergraduate degree is from an international university, visit and complete the prerequisite course description document.